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After attending Angela England’s session I was equipped to plan my publishing goals — something I thought was completely out of reach prior to hearing her speak. She presented multiple options for publishing in an accessible way and took a personal and practical approach to all questions asked in her session. It had never occurred to me that as a blogger I might already have enough material for an e-book, or that I could put one together myself. I’m now planning my first e-book to use as an incentive for my email subscribers thanks to Angela’s tips.

Candy Mejia
Slightly Overcaffienated
I met Angela at a blogging conference. I can honestly say that I would not have my book published yet without her help. I am so excited about this course because I know it can help me, and any one else interested in self publishing to reach and exceed our publishing goals!

Paula Rollo
Blogging on the Side
When I put down the goal to write a book I got excited and overwhelmed at the same time. I faced so many roadblocks along the way like how to format the book, what to include, and how to get it edited and reviewed. I purchased a lot of courses and ebooks to teach me the way and Angela was one of the most helpful resources anyone could ask for. She didn’t leave out any details and used examples from her actual best selling books. Thanks so much for helping me get my first book published… and in the top 10 of the category!

Spencer Shaw
Business Growth Podcast
When I decided to write and publish my first eBook I had so many questions – where do I start? How do I organize it? How do I market and sell it? Angela England… breaks the daunting task of writing an eBook down into bite-sized portions.

Annie Schultz
Ms. Angela England is definitely a pro when it comes to self-publishing.  She has ‘been there’ and ‘done that’ but retains her personal approachability in the way she coaches and encourages people, both in writing and in person.  There is nothing stuffy or overly academic about Angela England, and yet, she is a professional all the way.  If I had to name the person that comes to mind first, when thinking ‘self-publishing,’ and especially when it relates to education on HOW to do it, “Angela England” comes to mind, hands down and without hesitation

Deborah Anderson
Social Web Cafe
I have always wanted to write a book but because of friends who have experienced the self publishing / promotional nightmare I never felt like I would able to do it. However now that you’ve inspired me and haveshared your knowledge with me I know that I can and will become a published author. Thank you sharing your experience and sheer genius when it comes to selling my finished book.

Bobbie Byrd
Blog Elevated
I heard Angela England speak on Ebooks twice and her clear step by step approach and passion planted a seed of what was possible. In 2013 she added new information and was clear and passionate that everyone has a story to tell or valuable information to share. I put together my first Ebook using her tips and have used it to increase my subscribers by 20%. I will be launching two more on Amazon in 2014. I highly recommend Angela for both self publishing information and inspiration.

Kathy Penney
Sparkles and a Stove
I just finished reading ’30 Days to Make and Sell a Fabulous Ebook’ by Angela England and I highly recommend it. Well written, easy to follow. Excellent for those wanting to go a step further in their online goals of success.

Lisa Bertolini
The Pixosphere
avatarThere are also some interesting and unusual ideas on how to make money with an e-book, rather than just plain selling it.  These in particular make this guide stand out from other “how to write an e-book” type of guides and courses. Angela has a good knowledge of topics that I normally talk to my clients about while many online tutors often ignore…. This is not your average e-book guide.

Graham Tappenden
DIY Blogger

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