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30 Days to Make and Sell a Fabulous Ebook is sure to be popular in the blogging and how-to crowd. Why? Cause Angela has written and published several ebooks and has successfully marketed and sold them and continues to do so.

Her know-how in this area is invaluable. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing her speak, reading some of her works, and following her blog for a long time and I can tell you, she knows what she’s talking about.

Erica Mueller
Erica Says
You're the greatest! I'm having fun with this ...so excited to actually be DOING it, and interacting, and not just purchasing an ebook.

Christen Krumm
Writing an ebook always felt incredibly intimidating before reading this book. Within the first pages, I was not only encouraged that I could do it but also excited about it! I now have several topics lined up, and it really is as simple as she makes it sound, especially with the support of the forums, where I can get my questions answered without feeling like I am stalking the author. I'm hooked

Brannan Sirratt
The Pregnant Vegetarian
I wish I had met Angela a couple years ago when I created my first Ebook. I gave it away for free, and while that helped me build my email list...I could have made money instead! After meeting Angela and hearing her speak, I know firsthand that she's the real deal. She is making good money for her expertise. This Ebook will give you everything you need to turn your ideas and passion into a passive income stream.

Brandon Uttley, CEO
Brandon Uttley Consulting
Angela England spoke compellingly on this topic at Type-A Parent Conference in Asheville.  She knows her stuff and breaks down into manageable steps the process of creating an ebook.  Her strategies are simple and effective, even for busy working mothers like me.

Cynthia Reed, Director of Academics
Celebrant Foundation & Institute
Although I've been a marketing professional and writer for years, an eBook was completely new territory for me. I already knew my idea and had even started drafting the content when I bought Angela's eBook. But writing the book is only part of the process. Angela's eBook guided me through the entire eBook creation process in doable chunks so I didn't get overwhelmed. I especially appreciated all the advice around where to sell my eBook and how to promote it. Anyone looking to create their own eBook would definitely benefit from having Angela as your guide.

Melissa Culbertson
avatar A session with Angela, is informative and engaging. As an accomplished author, her experiences enable her to get real with the class and share both the good and bad. In her class I learned that there is more than one way to achieve publishing success. But knowing your goals is key to determining the best way to accomplish. She is easy to listen to, a great presenter and one that really wants to provide assistance so that you can achieve what she has, but with more information to avoid the pitfalls and see the success sooner rather than later. I would take her class again.

Denise Murtha
Denise Designed
Angela England is one of the most passionate people that I have had the pleasure of knowing. She also has the amazing gift of transferring her passions to you just by hearing her speak. She has motivated me in so many aspects of my life, including writing an ebook. After seeing her speak, I put pen to paper and started writing. Her knowledge and enthusiasm for publishing is amazing and listening to her speak is truly life changing. I can guarantee that if you have an idea for a book, Angela will motivate and encourage you to get started writing. Its her passion and its contagious.

Kelley Grant
The Grant Life
Angela England is one of my must-see speakers at conferences I know she'll be at. I look forward to hearing her speak on any topic, but have especially found her expertise on the topic of publishing a book the best bang for my buck. In fact, because of Angela's knowledge on publishing in various formats, I was inspired to finally dive in and publish my first eBook. Angela took the time to guide me on a personal level and help me overcome my fears and stumbling blocks, and I believe it is her passion for the subject of writing and publishing that makes me feel like she's more than just a speaker - she's an accessible colleague whom I can count on for spot-on advice and encouragement in all my publishing endeavors. She doesn't treat conference attendees like they're beneath her - she takes the time to connect with each one individually and build relationships with them - and that's icing on the proverbial speaking cake.

Angela Bickford
Angela Bickford
Angela is very knowledgeable about writing and parenting. She provides practical and down-to-earth advice that can be implemented immediately. I enjoyed her session, and her key ideas have influenced my work, even months later.

Jay Clancy
Clancy Learning

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