Get Your Book Out of Your Head and Into Your Hands

Here’s How to Write It, Publish It, and Get it in Front of as Many Readers as Possible

From bloggers to business owners, people are looking to transform their careers and take them to the next level financially and professionally through publishing a book. The dream of seeing YOUR WRITING in print is as old as time – but it can be an overwhelming and exhausting process if you don’t know the steps to successfully achieving your publishing dreams.

Have you ever felt…

Arrow - Hand Drawn BlackI have too many ideas. I can never get started.

Arrow - Hand Drawn BlackNo one will want to read what I write.

Arrow - Hand Drawn BlackWhat if my book doesn’t sell?

Arrow - Hand Drawn BlackI have a dozen stories half-finished but don’t know how to get them out into the world.

Arrow - Hand Drawn BlackThat publishing thing? I tried that before and my book was a total flop – no, thank you!

Arrow - Hand Drawn BlackHow am I going to find the time to write?

You don’t want something that is so complicated and overwhelming you’ll never get past module one. You are a writer. With things to say that can help people, but you don’t know where to get started, or how to present so it will be heard.

You Aren’t Alone!

You don’t want to have to learn  “the hard way” so I’ll show you everything I’ve learned over the past five years. You’ll get an easy-to-follow roadmap, private support group, and ready-to-use tools to simplify your journey.

spencer shaw headshot squareWhen I put down the goal to write a book I got excited and overwhelmed at the same time. I faced so many roadblocks along the way like how to format the book, what to include, and how to get it edited and reviewed. I purchased a lot of courses and ebooks to teach me the way and Angela was one of the most helpful resources anyone could ask for. She didn’t leave out any details and used examples from her actual best selling books. Thanks so much for helping me get my first book published… and in the top 10 of the category! -Spencer Shaw

Did you know the average self-published book only sells 250 copies?

You will get the exact techniques that allowed me to crush the 250 barrier, selling thousands of copies of my books and adding a healthy income to my family’s budget each year.

In fact, my first really successful eBook, Making Money Blogging: Moving Beyond Banner Ad Sales, published before Kindles were available, added five figures the first year to my family’s income. And you’ll see exactly how I did it.

I can’t sell your books for you, but I can help show you how to leverage your platform and make the best of the opportunities you have around you, to create more: more income, more business, or just more pleasure from seeing your work bless those around you.

Get the Latest Self-Publishing Information plus Personalized Guidance Every Step of the Way

This course updates and expands on the popular 30 Days to Make and Sell a Fabulous eBook guide, bringing you not only the latest self-publishing trends, but also everything that I’ve learned in the past two years. Whether your goal is a customer bonus eBook, or a stunning self-published print book, this course will guide you every step of the way.

Achieve your self-publishing dreams

Module One – Decisions, Decisions, Decisions:

Sometimes half the battle is making the tough decisions. Just coming up with your plan can get you an amazing boost in energy, cut through a ton of mental clutter, and leap over the obstacles that may seem so big now. These lessons explore the decisions that writers must make and help you work out the best solutions for you.

  • Learn one of the biggest mistake self-published authors make and how you can avoid it.
  • How to find your why so you have energy, momentum, and passion to tackle your book project.
  • Understand who you’re writing for so you can speak their language and capture their attention – including the trifecta of brilliance you have to consider when choosing a focus and title.

Module Two – The Writing Process:

Here’s where we really begin to dive into the nitty-gritties of getting this thing done. You’ll get a pat on the back, a kick in the butt, or just some cheer-leading in this section – depending on what you need. Your book is now taking shape as you apply the techniques from these five lessons.

  • Organize your writing so you can work faster and stop wasting time!
  • The secret to staying motivated during the writing process and avoiding writer’s block.
  • How to potentially get paid for promoting your book using a simple technique that made me enough in one summer to pay for this course three times over.

Module Three – The Elements of Publishing:

This module teaches the production elements that a lot of courses leave out because they want to upsell you to their packages or scare you into hiring their services. I’m going to walk you through how I’ve successfully created my own books, highlight resources that save you time and money, and teach you how to work with any professionals you need to hire along the way. This is heady stuff – the real steak of the course.

  • The elements of design that every book should have and how to avoid common design mistakes.
  • How to produce a high-quality self-published book with all the elements you needs to include.
  • Plan your project with confidence using the complete breakdown of costs so you can create your budget.

annie schultz headshot“When I decided to write and publish my first eBook I had so many questions – where do I start? How do I organize it? How do I market and sell it? Angela England… breaks the daunting task of writing an eBook down into bite-sized portions.” ~ Annie Schultz of; Author of Intro to StumbleUpon for Bloggers

Module Four – Begin Using Your Market Strategy:

Here’s where your marketing strategy will begin to really ramp up. Equip yourself with tools you can use to get the word out about you, your book, and the exciting launch you have coming soon.

  • Create a plan for your book launch that connects you with experts, communities, and authority figures in your topic area and get their help promoting your book.
  • Organize your marketing efforts to get the most exposure for your time investment and put other networks to work on your behalf.
  • Proven methods for getting news coverage on local television stations – you’ll get the exact words I used to do it.

Module Five – Polish and Shine:

You will learn some tricks in this lesson that can help you use the final edits to help boost your monetization efforts. From turning casual readers into connected fans, to side-stepping costly and time-consuming mistakes that can haunt self-published authors, this module helps turn your book into a stunning work you can be proud of.

  • Why attention is the greatest currency and how to leverage your book into a greater connection with your readers.
  • Include eye-catching elements in your book while avoiding a potentially costly legal mistake!
  • Unexpected tips for increasing the revenue potential of your book beyond your initial sell.

Module Six – The Loose Ends Before Launch:

These lessons will walk you through everything you need to finish out the self-publishing process. Get guidance through the day of your launch, think ahead to the future of post-book-launch projects, and build a supportive community around you.

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  • The next big trend in self-publishing and how to ride this wave that could lead to huge royalty percentages. Bonus tip: learn how to get in with zero upfront cost.
  • How to transform core concepts of your book into valuable multi-media offerings to increase revenue potential.
  • Connect with a community of like-minded peers and celebrate as your efforts pay off!

I can’t promise you that your book will become a best-seller and, frankly, anyone who does that is lying to you and wasting your time and money. I can promise you that I will show you how to work more effectively, how to produce a high-quality book, and how to market your work strategically.

deborah anderson headshot“Ms. Angela England is definitely a pro when it comes to self-publishing.  She has ‘been there’ and ‘done that’ but retains her personal approachability in the way she coaches and encourages people, both in writing and in person.  There is nothing stuffy or overly academic about Angela England, and yet, she is a professional all the way.  If I had to name the person that comes to mind first, when thinking ‘self-publishing,’ and especially when it relates to education on HOW to do it, “Angela England” comes to mind, hands down and without hesitation.” ~ Deborah of Social Web Cafe, the Hangout Queen.

Eliminate the Overwhelm As You Write Your Book and Work With Clarity and Passion

Self-publishing can feel so overwhelming when you aren’t sure which step comes next or how to get started. This course will eliminate the overwhelm and move you forward with empowered confidence.

Complete Course With Everything You Need to Quickly and Easily Write, Publish and Market Your Book

The Achieve Your Publishing Dreams course will walk you through all the steps you need. You’ll find marketing aspects you never considered covered in-depth with actual techniques I used to successfully publish and promote my own books.

Arrow - Red

30 Robust Lessons for Many Learning Styles Plus Extra Support

The meat of the course are the 30 lessons – 6 modules with 5 lessons each to guide you through creating, organizing, formatting, and marketing your book. This is a complete course that walks you through every aspect.

  • You’ll get instant access to 30 robust lessons – which will include an MP3 audio lesson and video lesson option if you prefer multimedia formats. The audio gives you a core concept or “how to” that you’ll need to move forward with confidence.
  • Each lesson is written out in full, if audio’s not your favorite way to learn. These are also great for review, since you can skim them quickly to find the point you want.
  • You’ll get exclusive access to guest trainings on specific topics like how to develop amazing products or how to avoid the ten mistakes authors make in cover art production.
  • Participate in monthly Q&A calls through 2014 so we can address your project and clarify anything you may feel overwhelmed by or want personalized advice. You get personal access to me and my expert guests.
  • And you’ll have access to a tight-knit online Facebook community of fellow members, to brainstorm solutions, trade advice and experience, find potential partners, and get personalized advice. No matter what’s got you stuck, the community and I are here to get you rolling again.

bobbie bryd headshot“I have always wanted to write a book but because of friends who have experienced the self publishing / promotional nightmare I never felt like I would able to do it. However now that you’ve inspired me and have shared your knowledge with me I know that I can and will become a published author. Thank you sharing your experience and sheer genius when it comes to selling my finished book.” ~ Bobbie Byrd, Founder of Blog Elevated and Clumsy Crafter

Expert Advice via Bonus Trainings

Bonus Burst Badge Red

Have you ever wished you could get specific answers from field experts? No one can do it all themselves and that includes me. These thought-leaders in the industry join our group to give us in-depth advice.

  • Learn how to find your why – a key for staying focused, motivated, and persistent by Karis Bellisario.
  • Learn the vital keys of book design and formatting to capture a potential reader’s attention with Becky Bayne, graphic designer.
  • Transform the key concepts of your book into multimedia and paid products to boost revenue and exposure, with Spencer Shaw.
  • And more!
Usually, it would cost $100 an hour just to pick my brain on the phone about creating, producing, or marketing your book.
To work with me and use my system one-on-one would be four, even FIVE FIGURES.
But I’m offering this course as a full and detailed guide at only $597!
That includes all the bonus materials, lessons, videos, handouts, private group plus monthly calls with me for the entire year.  So, get access to my system without the high cost by picking up this course risk-free for only $597.

Why is this the perfect time to self-publish a book?

Achieve Your Publishing Dreams Webinar

Don’t work alone – get the guidance you need to move forward!

Publishing a book has the potential to transform your business and your family’s financial situation. Not only that, but, for me, it’s led to other opportunities like paid speaking gigs and new clients. But the best feeling comes when a reader emails to say, “Your book sits on our coffee table and is looking a bit worn out already from so much use. It’s been our #1 resource.” There are many benefits to writing a book.

Arrow - Hand Drawn BlackCreates an additional revenue stream.

Arrow - Hand Drawn BlackBuilds an email list of engaged subscribers.

Arrow - Hand Drawn BlackReaches a broader audience with your message.

Arrow - Hand Drawn BlackDevelops your personal branding and authority.

Arrow - Hand Drawn BlackSaves time by reusing existing writing and research.

Arrow - Hand Drawn BlackIncreases conversions by offering customers a valuable bonus.

Arrow - Hand Drawn BlackGenerates opportunities by connecting with readers on a deeper level.

kathy penney headshotI heard Angela England speak on Ebooks twice and her clear step by step approach and passion planted a seed of what was possible. In 2013 she added new information and was clear and passionate that everyone has a story to tell or valuable information to share. I put together my first Ebook using her tips and have used it to increase my subscribers by 20%. I will be launching two more on Amazon in 2014. I highly recommend Angela for both self publishing information and inspiration. ~ Kathy Penney of Sparkles and a Stove

How are you going to find time to write a book?

Does publishing your own book feel impossible? Well not only is it possible, but you’ll get expert guidance each step of the way. You’ll get proven methods for organizing your writing from a busy and successful entrepreneur and parent who knows how tough it can be to find free time. These tips will help you learn to write faster, with less writer’s block and more energy than ever before!

“I just finished reading ’30 Days to Make and Sell a Fabulous Ebook’ by Angela England and I highly recommend it. Well written, easy to follow. Excellent for those wanting to go a step further in their online goals of success.” ~ Lisa Bertolini of The Homespun Life

Who is going to buy my book once I finish it? Do I need to hire a marketing professional?

While many authors, even those published by legacy houses, feel the need to hire a book marketing guru, I never did. So you’ll learn exactly what I did to connect with experts in my field, and receive the exact tools I used to manage your own book promotions. You’ll never have to create your own spreadsheets or try to figure out how to track what you need – that’s already prepared for you to download with the click of a button.

What’s more – you’ll learn how to build up buzz around your new book to help generate sales when it goes live, and how to connect with people who are willing to review your book. Our goal is to crush the 250 barrier and sell well above average!

What are you waiting for?

This is your year; Make this the year you meet your goal of writing a book! No more putting it off and dragging your feet, this is the year to take action.

Graham Tappenden“There are also some interesting and unusual ideas on how to make money with an e-book, rather than just plain selling it.  These in particular make this guide stand out from other “how to write an e-book” type of guides and courses. Angela has a good knowledge of topics that I normally talk to my clients about while many online tutors often ignore…. This is not your average e-book guide.” ~ Graham Tappenden of DIY Blogger

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Achieve Your Publishing Dreams

The roadmap to achieving your publishing dreams is a click away.

You get:

  • The 30 lessons map to self-publishing success, which you can follow at your own pace.
  • Ready to use marketing materials with over a dozen handouts and worksheets.
  • The formula for getting paid to build your audience and promote your book with the Breaking into Print booklet.
  • Expert trainings from amazing guests.
  • Discounts on numerous resources and services.
  • Support through the private Facebook group.
  • Personalized time via monthly phone calls (includes author spotlights and expert advice).

Value-Packed Course Has Everything You Need at a Great Price

Just to pick up the phone and chat with me about your book project costs $100 an hour. Some of the experts you’ll be getting bonus training from charge more than that. The tools and worksheets and techniques represent years of experience and will save you invaluable hours. In one summer, the tips shared in just one lesson earned me three times what I’m charging for the course. And you can gain immediate, unlimited access to all the videos, audio lessons, handouts, checklists, and access to me for only $597!

100% Money Back Guarantee - Hand Drawn Black Once you dig into the course, I feel you’ll want to stay connected to the monthly Q&A phone calls, the additional bonus presentations and updates as they come available. But if for some reason it doesn’t meet your expectations, there’s a 90-day money back guarantee for the course so you can purchase with confidence.

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You are ready to begin your publishing journey – click buy now above risk-free!

angela bickford“Angela England is one of my must-see speakers when I know she’ll be at a conference. I look forward to hearing her speak on any topic, but have especially found her expertise on the topic of publishing a book the best bang for my buck. In fact, because of Angela’s knowledge on publishing in various formats, I was inspired to finally dive in and publish my first eBook. Angela took time to guide me on a personal level and help me overcome my fears and stumbling blocks, and I believe it is her passion for the subject of writing and publishing that makes me feel like she’s more than just a speaker – she’s an accessible colleague whom I can count on for spot-on advice and encouragement in all my publishing endeavors.” ~ Angela Bickford, Author of Beating Bed Rest


Is this course for fiction or non-fiction writers?

There are several amazing “write a novel” courses and programs out there already – this course focuses heavily on non-fiction as that is my area of personal experience up to this point. Many of the marketing strategies would be applicable to any work, but this is not a “how to write a novel” type of course. This is how to format, build, sell, and write your book – including how to make TIME to write your book!

Do you discuss how to write and how to become a better writer?

The course covers writing from a practical perspective, including how to make time to write and how to organize your writing. The best way to develop your voice as a writer, is to write!

I already have a book idea but I’m not sure about marketing it. Do you cover that?

Absolutely! It’s disconcerting to me that the average self-published work only sells an average of 250 copies. I want to see my students more successful in their promotional efforts. I spend plenty of time on marketing efforts to help you spread the word about your important message or helpful book.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Buy Now - Button OrangeYes! You can make two payments of $299. You will get immediate access to the first three modules now, and the last three modules will be accessible after the second payment clears next month. Click the orange Buy Now button to register using the $299 payment plan option.


Writing a book can transform your business and your financial future.

But if you aren’t sure where to start or how to market your book, this course will help you every step of your journey. Not only will you get personal access to Angela, but you’ll get in-depth advice from a variety of experts. The price will never be better, and with a 90-day money back guarantee you have nothing to lose. Click the BUY NOW button to start!

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Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent this program and its potential. My testimonial should not be interpreted as typical. I cannot guarantee earnings, or same/similar results. Everybody is different, and their success depends on their background, dedication, desire, skill, knowledge, motivation and other factors. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money. See full terms, privacy policy, and disclaimer here.